Planet PDF launches all-new Planet PDF Forum

A while ago now, we told you that big happenings were afoot at Planet PDF, and that we were in the process of making some changes to the site. Well, we have now rolled out the first big one: a brand-spanking-new forum.

The all-new Planet PDF Forum offers a few changes, including a cleaner, more 2011-style interface than the old one. The new forum also boasts a swag of new features, and — perhaps most importantly — much-improved spam protection compared with the old system.

Since we are keeping the old system around as an archive — it would be a shame to lose all of that accumulated wisdom, after all — interested readers will need to register in the new forum system. The URL is also a bit different from the old one: ‘‘ rather than ‘’ (the new one has an ‘s’). Due to that minor difference, you’ll also need to update your bookmarks slightly.

The Planet PDF Forum remains completely free to join, post and read, please do feel free to get on and ask a question or post an answer to help your fellow users.

Any questions? Great! You can post them on the all-new Planet PDF Forum!

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