PDFOCR.net releases PDF OCR 3.2

PDFOCR.net has announced the release of PDF OCR 3.2, an updated release of its OCR conversion software, which provides instant recognition of characters and converts to text without the need for typing.

PDFOCR.net delivers support for 10 languages. Converting PDF documents into editable text is quick and automatic. Users upload the document for conversion and the OCR is run. According to the company, PDF OCR can convert approximately 10 pages in 45 seconds.

After the conversion, the extracted text will appear in the text editor, and the source document appears in another window. Both are displayed next to each other, allowing comparison and checking to be done simultaneously. If there are any inaccuracies then changes can be made, and saved in the same way that it is done in Notepad.

Adobe PDF documents are recognized by the program in 10 most popular languages, including English, German, French, Spanish and Italian. The company also plans to include more languages in future releases.

PDF OCR is a Windows-based program and is available as freeware. The latest version can be downloaded at the company website.

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