PdfMeNot launches on Valentine’s Day

Just in time for Valentine’s comes a handy service which will launch on February 14th at PdfMeNot.com. Keep in mind the site won’t officially launch till Thursday, but the company did give an early peek at its services to Cnet’s Webware readers.

According to Josh Lowensohn’s article, ‘PdfMeNot lets you click PDF links without fear (or Acrobat)’, the company gave Webware early access to the site. The story notes that you can use the ‘username’, ‘stateless’ and password ‘systems’ to test out the beta site. I did it and it is cool!

The product is targeted at enabling easier and more expedient opening of PDF links in a user’s web browser. And so far so good, I opened the ten page PDF white paper from Bacon’s titled, ‘The Communication Cycle: An Integrated Approach to Media Relations’ and one of the nifty things this web-based PDF tool does is let you control the view size of the document once it’s opened.

Additionally under the Tools link, at the site the company details a way for users to use PdfMeNot to link to an existing PDF file. Users can also convert all existing PDF links on a page to use PdfMeNot, according to the site.

The site will launch Thursday and so you’ll have to wait till then to try it out or you can use the passwords that Webware blogged about and go now.

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