PDFmark – Generating named destinations

Here is a ready pdfmark file for generating named destinations. All the instructions are in the file. There is Postscript code that can accomplish this task, but the pdfmark file has the advantage of letting you specify non sequential named destinations, as well as only creating named destinations for the pages you specify.

/bd {bind def} bind def
/fsd {findfont exch scalefont def} bd
/sms {setfont moveto show} bd
/ms {moveto show} bd
systemdict /pdfmark known not
{userdict /pdfmark systemdict /cleartomark get put } if


%This file can create up to 100 named destinations automatically at distill
%More can be added to suit your needs.
%It is highly recommended that you follow a simple and consistent
%naming convention for your named destinations if you are using an
%Acrobat version prior to version 4 since there
%is no easy way to find out what the named destinations are once they
%are distilled into a pdf file. With Acrobat 4 you can use the Destinations
%to create, scan, view and access all the destinations in a PDF file.
%This file uses PAGE1, PAGE2 etc as the naming convention.
%This is easy to remember. You will also notice that Page 1
%of the pdf file will inherit PAGE1 as its named destination. It is case
%This naming convention makes it very easy to remember.
%For example, if you want to access page 13 of a pdf file
%from a web link you would simply use ...filename.pdf#PAGE13
%This method is very intuitive. If for some reason you must follow
%a different naming convention, then simply edit this file to suit your needs.
%To use the file simply remove the percentage symbol from the front of the
%pdfmarks you will need.
%You will need to edit the runfilex.ps or rundirex.ps files, and point them
%to the location of this file as well as the .ps file you want to distill.
%Distiller will automatically combine this file and yourfile.ps
%and create the named destinations during the distilling process.
%No other user intervention is necessary.
%If you require assistance I can be contacted at bryang@nbnet.nb.ca

%[ /Dest /PAGE1 /Page 1 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE2 /Page 2 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE3 /Page 3 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE4 /Page 4 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE5 /Page 5 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE6 /Page 6 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE7 /Page 7 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE8 /Page 8 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE9 /Page 9 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE10 /Page 10 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE11 /Page 11 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE12 /Page 12 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE13 /Page 13 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE14 /Page 14 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE15 /Page 15 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE16 /Page 16 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE17 /Page 17 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE18 /Page 18 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE19 /Page 19 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE20 /Page 20 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE21 /Page 21 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE22 /Page 22 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE23 /Page 23 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE24 /Page 24 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE25 /Page 25 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE26 /Page 26 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE27 /Page 27 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE28 /Page 28 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE29 /Page 29 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE30 /Page 30 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE31 /Page 31 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE32 /Page 32 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE33 /Page 33 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE34 /Page 34 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE35 /Page 35 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE36 /Page 36 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE37 /Page 37 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE38 /Page 38 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE39 /Page 39 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE40 /Page 40 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE41 /Page 41 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE42 /Page 42 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE43 /Page 43 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE44 /Page 44 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE45 /Page 45 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE46 /Page 46 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE47 /Page 47 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE48 /Page 48 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE49 /Page 49 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE50 /Page 50 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE51 /Page 51 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE52 /Page 52 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE53 /Page 53 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE54 /Page 54 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE55 /Page 55 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE56 /Page 56 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE57 /Page 57 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE58 /Page 58 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE59 /Page 59 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE60 /Page 60 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE61 /Page 61 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE62 /Page 62 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE63 /Page 63 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE64 /Page 64 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE65 /Page 65 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE66 /Page 66 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE67 /Page 67 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE68 /Page 68 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE69 /Page 69 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE70 /Page 70 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE71 /Page 71 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE72 /Page 72 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE73 /Page 73 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE74 /Page 74 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE75 /Page 75 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE76 /Page 76 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE77 /Page 77 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE78 /Page 78 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE79 /Page 79 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE80 /Page 80 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE81 /Page 81 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE82 /Page 82 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE83 /Page 83 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE84 /Page 84 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE85 /Page 85 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE86 /Page 86 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE87 /Page 87 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE88 /Page 88 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE89 /Page 89 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE90 /Page 90 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE91 /Page 91 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE92 /Page 92 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE93 /Page 93 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE94 /Page 94 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE95 /Page 95 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE96 /Page 96 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE97 /Page 97 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE98 /Page 98 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE99 /Page 99 /DEST pdfmark
%[ /Dest /PAGE100 /Page 100 /DEST pdfmark



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