PDFlib 6: Major Enhancements

PDFlib GmbH has released PDFlib 6, a substantially enhanced new version of the popular multi-environment programming library for automated and server-centric PDF processing.

PDFlib is a programming library which allows the programmer to generate and manipulate PDF files and integrate this ability into any application or server environment. PDFlib GmbH sold more than 6000 commercial licenses of earlier versions to 60 countries. PDFlib is available for all major operating systems and development environments.

PDFlib 6 adds many new features to the PDFlib product suite — PDFlib, PDFlib+PDI, PDFlib Personalization Server (PPS) – and improves features that have already been highly appreciated in existing versions.

Highlights are:

  • Layers: PDF’s layer functionality (introduced in Acrobat 6) is important for CAD and engineering applications, but can also be used for impressive interactive documents, multi-lingual documentation, etc. PDFlib supports all layer control features available in PDF 1.5, including various controls which are not accessible in Acrobat.

  • Text Formatting: The new textflow formatter offers a powerful, yet simple to use facility for formatting text according to a variety of options. Unicode text, ragged or justified text, arbitrary font changes, multi-line body text or large tables – the new textflow features handles all common formatting tasks.

  • Linearized PDF: PDFlib 6 generates linearized PDF, also known as web-optimized PDF. This enables page-at-a-time download (also known as byteserving) when viewing PDFs in the Web browser, and significantly enhances the user experience.

  • Tagged PDF: Tagged PDF is the key for accessible PDF according to section 508 in the USA and similar regulations in other countries. PDFlib is the first PDF library for general use which supports Tagged PDF generation. For the first time ever, PDF generated dynamically on the Web server can satisfy accessibility regulations.

  • Form Fields: All types of PDF form fields can be generated and enhanced with JavaScript and other actions. This can be used to create PDF forms dynamically subject to user input or database information.

  • PDF/X for Prepress: PDFlib 6 is the first software on the market to support generating and processing PDFs according to the latest 2003 editions of the ISO PDF/X standards for prepress (PDF/X-1a:2003, PDF/X-2:2003, and PDF/X-3:2003).

  • OPI for Prepress: Workflows in the graphics arts industry use OPI information embedded in PDF documents. PDFlib 6 supports this with options for adding OPI information to imported images.

  • Unicode: PDFlib 6 completes support for the Unicode standard.

The PDFlib 6 product line is available in different functionality levels:

  • PDFlib offers functions for generating PDF output.

  • PDFlib+PDI includes all PDFlib functions, plus the PDF Import Library (PDI) for including existing PDF pages in the generated output.

  • The PDFlib Personalization Server (PPS) includes PDFlib+PDI, plus additional functions for automatically filling PDFlib blocks. PPS also includes the PDFlib Block Plugin for creating PDF personalization templates interactively in Adobe Acrobat.

  • PDFlib Lite is a subset of PDFlib. It is available as source code and free for personal use.

All products are distributed within a single binary package which is fully functional for evaluation, but displays a demo stamp across all pages. All packages contain full documentation and examples for various programming languages. A valid license key will activate the product levels accordingly. The PDFlib product suite is offered under several licensing and support options.

PDFlib 6 packages are available for all major computing platforms: Windows NT/2000/XP/2003; Apple Mac OS 9 and OS X; Linux, FreeBSD and OpenBSD; Sun Solaris; HP-UX; SGI IRIX; IBM AIX; IBM eServer iSeries and zSeries, and all commonly used development environments: C, C++, COM, .NET, Java, PHP, Perl, Tcl, Python, REALbasic, Cobol and RPG.

PDFlib 6 is ready for download from the PDFlib Web site at http://www.pdflib.com. The PDFlib 6 product line is available at prices ranging from US-$ 450 (PDFlib) to US-$ 1450 (PPS). Reduced update pricing is available for existing customers.

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