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Finding clear and complete answers to PDF/X questions can be tough, but Global Graphics’ Martin Bailey has just made it a little easier by updating his popular ‘PDF/X: Frequently Asked Questions’ document. Released last week, the updated document was a response to a perceived industry need, and has already been accepted for publication on industry sites including http://www.npes.org, http://www.pdfx-ready.ch, http://www.pdfx.info and http://www.eci.org.

‘This is not an official CGATS or ISO publication and is not a formal interpretation of any aspects of the PDF/X standards. It is based on actual questions that I have received from a wide spectrum of people in the print community and is sponsored by my employer Global Graphics for the wider benefit of the print industry,’ Bailey explained. ‘Previous versions of this PDF/X FAQ have concentrated squarely on the core standards, but the questions I’ve been asked consistently show that there are many related issues that people need clear guidance on. In this version I’ve expanded the FAQ to address subjects such as the selection of print characterizations and ICC profiles to use, and even to touch on some of the business questions around acceptance of PDF/X. For the first time, I’ve also included some more detailed notes on what the standards actually require or prohibit within a conforming standard.’

Martin Bailey is the Vice Chairman of the Committee for Graphic Arts Technology Standards (CGATS), Chair of the ANSI/CGATS SC6 Task Force 1 and also the ISO TC130 WG2 TF2, both of which are developing aspects of PDF/X. He is also CEO of CIP4 (the International Cooperation for the Integration of Processes in Pre-press, Press and Post-press) and specifier of the JDF standard. His other standards work relates to variable data printing.

The updated PDF/X FAQ can be found as (what else?) a PDF on the Global Graphics website.

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