PDF/VT An Emerging Format For Print

Aron Allenson, a veteran in the graphics industry has actively participated in PODi’s High Impact Personalization with PDF/VT webinar earlier this year in May.

PDF/VT (ISO 16612-2.) is the standard for sending the PDF format, which has been optimized for variable and transactional printing. PDF/VT allows for the management of pages for High Volume Transaction Output print data.

Allenson articulated Screen’s bullish message on variable data printing (VDP) and end-to-end PDF workflows that include variable data. Those involved in the presentation enthusiastically submitted questions. Demonstrating the interest in using PDF/VT with colour digital presses. This is in reference to producing the same graphic capabilities in mass mailings, transactional statements and high-volume variable print as expected from lithographic press runs.

Aron Allenson explains “With PDF/VT, there is no need to have separate proofing files from production files,” Allenson said. “Print buffer underrun/print engine starvation due to inefficient files and RIPing can be an issue of the past. True colour management does not have to be sacrificed for speed and throughput when using PDF/VT.

More can be found on Wikipedia or from PODi who specialise in the format.

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