PDF Update: PDF conversions

In this PDF update, we have a pair of conversion tools; one converts documents to PDF, while the other converts from PDF.

First up, Qoppa Software has released version 2.0 of its Java-based Word-to-PDF conversion library. While the earlier version just allowed developers to process Word 97-2003 files (.doc), jWordConvert 2.0 adds support for converting Word 2007-10 documents (.docx) into PDF. According to Qoppa, the change comes in response to customer demand, and required the developers to build an entirely new rendering engine to support the newer formats. The company has also announced its intention to build this functionality into its desktop editing and workflow solutions. For more information on the library, check out the official website.

Converting in the opposite direction (i.e., from PDF), Osaka-based Recosoft Corporation has announced the release of version 3 of its PDF-to-InDesign conversion tool. Due out this month for both Mac and Windows, PDF2ID Enterprise v3.0 will allow users to pick a folder of PDFs for conversion and let the software handle the rest. The software also offers a range of notification options for reporting conversion results. To find out more about PDF2ID Enterprise v3.0, you can visit the Recosoft site.

That’s it for this time. Watch this space!

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