PDF Tools AG updates 3-Heights range, announces PDF/A compliance

PDF Tools AG has announced the release of new product 3-Heights PDF Validator and the PDF/A compliance of its 3-Heights Image to PDF Converter. The PDF Validator verifies whether PDF documents conform to a specific version of PDF or to the new international standard for long-term electronic archiving: PDF/A.

The 3-Heights Image to PDF Converter, on the other hand, is designed to convert common image formats into PDF/A-compliant PDF documents. This makes the Converter a valuable tool for the migration of traditional TIFF (or other image format) archives into PDF/A archives.

What is PDF/A? Here is an excerpt from the original press release from PDF Tools AG:

‘In September 2005, the International Standards Organisation (ISO) approved a new format for long-term archiving of electronic documents. This format – PDF/A – is based on the Adobe PDF Reference 1.4 and is designed to guarantee that electronically stored documents are retrievable and reproducible for the long-term.’

More information can be found on the PDF Tools AG Web site. The two tools are currently available.

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