PDF Tools AG updates 3-Heights products

PDF Tools AG has released version 1.7 of its 3-Heights products for PDF processing. According to the company, a major improvement is the new direct .NET interoperability for all API products.

Additionally, the company released the first final version of the 3-Heights Document Converter Service which converts various documents and images to PDF and PDF/A. This version also includes the conversion of e-mails including attachments directly to PDF and PDF/A. The program can be enabled from command line, by scripting, with hot folders or through an API.

PDF Tools AG has also released the 3-Heights Java Document Viewer as a first final version. The viewer supports multi-page, TIFF and other features meeting the new ISO 32000 standard, including Chinese, Japanese and Korean fonts, patterns, shading and transparency.

In addition, the company improved digital signature capability, text encoding/decoding, font handling, color spaces, image format support, streamed objects and memory capabilities.

The latest version is available at the company web site as well as more detailed release notes.

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