PDF Tools AG releases PDF-to-PDF/A Converter

PDF Tools AG has announced the release of 3-Heights PDF to PDF/A Converter, terming the release a significant step ahead for meeting the new international PDF/A standard.

Carlo Nessi, of PDF Tools AG said the release is ‘a landmark in the implementation of the new PDF/A ISO-Standard, as it helps to migrate also huge existing PDF-archives to the safe PDF/A-format.’

The 3-Heights PDF to PDF/A Converter will convert all versions of PDF documents to the standardized PDF/A format. PDF/A compliant signatures can also be added during the conversion process.

The PDF tool analyzes the input file in relation to requested conformance level and during the conversion process missing fonts are embedded, forbidden content and non-essential content is removed and mandatory content is added.

The conversion process also maintains document structure information and metadata for ease in indexing files.

The converter is available as an API, a shell tool and also as a Windows Service. The service automatically converts PDFs placed in watched folders to PDF/A. Users can easily configure individual options for each folder and apply passwords to open the documents as well as apply digital signatures.

Users can also convert pictures and scanned documents into PDF/A using the latest release.

The latest version is available at the company website as well as more detailed release notes.

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