PDF-to-InDesign conversion tool released

Recosoft Corporation has begun shipping its PDF-to-InDesign conversion tool for Adobe InDesign CS2/CS3. PDF2ID v1.0 is a plug-in for InDesign CS2/CS3, converting PDF documents into the editable InDesign format by recreating the intended construction and layout of the document. The conversion process retains formatting elements such as paragraphs, styles, graphic elements and annotations, converting each PDF page into an equivalent InDesign page.

PDF2ID offers a direct, transparent and effortless process for PDF document data retrieval and reuse in InDesign, utilizing sophisticated algorithms to deliver accurate reconstructions of PDF documents in the InDesign format. Additionally, PDF2ID is based on a client-server architecture designed to deliver optimal conversion performance on modern multi-core systems.

The plug-in provides fine control of the conversion process, including options for font substitution, text frame reduction and annotation management. Finally, PDF2ID also supports the conversion of English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Western European-language data contained in PDF documents.

For more information about the product, check out the Recosoft web site.

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