PDF to ePub software wizard updated

DNAML has announced several free upgrades to the newly-released ‘PDF to ePub’ software wizard, its software for quickly converting PDF documents into the ePub eBook format.

Among other things, the latest version adds automatic index-recognition and supports the extraction of PDF bookmarks and tables of contents. The company has also said that it will soon roll out another round of updates.

DNAML Founder and Managing Director, Adam Schmidt said, ‘We have had a tremendous initial response to our PDF to ePub software from the adoption perspective which is beginning to grow at an exponential rate. Publishers and authors are offering not just supportive comments, we are also receiving much welcomed feedback as to the type of enhancements we should be focusing on as a matter of priority.’

Free upgrades to version 1 of the software wizard are set to continue over the next few months. More information can be found at the official product website.

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