PDF Store closes

Planet PDF is a division of Debenu.

PDF Store (www.pdfstore.com) is closing down, effective immediately.

PDF Store Customers

We’ll continue to work with former PDF Store vendors to make sure that any customers who have purchased through PDF Store receive the help and support they require. If you have purchased through PDF Store and need some assistance, just email us at sales@pdfstore.com and we’ll be happy to help you out.


Launched by Debenu’s Karl De Abrew in 1999 — a year before the dot-com bubble reached its peak, PDF Store came to prominence as a central location for PDF software companies to sell their wares online.

Here’s what we had to say about PDF Store back in January, 1999 (thanks @Wayback Machine):

Welcome to PDF Store! A world of exciting plug-ins and dynamic PDF related applications await within. You can download demo versions or instantly purchase the retail product.

This website is for all the users, producers, authors and developers of PDF products. You can buy or sell any PDF product at PDF Store. The store itself is currently under construction – if YOU have any PDF-related product that you would like to sell in PDF Store then please contact us at sales@pdfstore.com

The creation of PDF Store was inspired by the rapid success of Planet PDF. Between the main site and the forum, Planet PDF provided PDF-related news and articles, while offering users and developers a place to get together to discuss workflows. The only thing needed was a central location for people to buy all of the PDF-related products being discussed: enter, PDF Store.


PDF Store became a great success in no time and at one stage stocked over 400 products from approximately 100 vendors. Believe it or not, back then, not every company had a website through which you could purchase their software. Instead, they relied on PDF Store to do it for them.

Some background

Before founding Debenu, Karl De Abrew founded a company called Nitro PDF, formerly known as BinaryThing and before that, known as A Round Table Solution.

PDF Store was a division of Nitro PDF and served as a sister-site to Planet PDF.

PDF Store served as the training ground for many of Nitro PDF’s early employees, including Planet PDF Managing Editor Dan Shea and me (Debenu Co-Founder Rowan Hanna), who joined Nitro PDF in 2000 and 2002, respectively as managers of PDF Store.

In 2010, our new venture, Debenu, purchased PDF Store from Nitro PDF in a package that included ARTS PDF, Planet PDF and PDF Store.

Planet PDF and the future

While PDF Store’s arrival broadened the scope of Karl and company’s offerings, the store’s closure allows the team to focus on Planet PDF and the continuing developing of Debenu’s own products.

Oh, and Planet PDF isn’t going anywhere — in fact, it’s getting a major overhaul as I write. The new Planet PDF website will launch later this year and the new Planet PDF Forum (which you can actually already see at http://forums.planetpdf.com/ — shhh, don’t tell anyone!) will launch in the very near future.

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