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Stephan Jaeggi is an internationally recognized prepress expert specializing in PDF workflows for print production who has taught several hundred seminars on PDF technology in Europe and the US. He holds a degree in print engineering and has been a part time professor at the Swiss Engineering School for Printing for fifteen years. Before founding his own consulting company in 1992, he was responsible for the prepress system of Switzerland’s largest weekly newspaper. During this time, he also acted as head of IT for the swiss printers association, where he helped many printers and prepress shops make the switch to desktop publishing.

Jaeggi is involved in developing the ISO PDF/X standards and is a member of the CIP4 (JDF) advisory board. Along with consulting and teaching seminars, Stephan Jaeggi has a great deal of experience organizing technical conferences. He served as chairman for several Seybold conferences in the US and Europe, and was involved in the organization of the legendary FOGRA conferences on Advances in Computer Publishing in the early nineties. Add to that his involvement in the famous PDF Tours in Germany, Switzerland and Austria and many other conference posts, and you have a formidable CV.

In early 2006, XPLOR International will be holding the first ‘PDF-FORUM for Print Production’ as part of its big annual event. The coming XPLOR Document Conference will be co-located with the Graphics of the Americas show in Miami Beach, Florida from February 1 to 5, 2006. A supporting partner of the event, Planet PDF spoke with Jaeggi, chair of the PDF-FORUM, about the highlights of this new conference.

DAN SHEA, Planet PDF Managing Editor: Why did XPLOR decide to add a PDF stream to its conferences?

STEPHAN JAEGGI, Conference Chair, PDF-FORUM for Print Production: The traditional audience members of the XPLOR events are transactional printers. Originally, they used high speed monochrome printing systems, but since the move towards color, many of them have started using PDF as their preferred data format. As a result, they now face the same challenges as their colleagues doing commercial printing. On the other hand a lot of commercial printers are using digital printing systems for short run, on-demand and variable data printing. Since XPLOR takes place at the same time and in the same location as the Graphics of the Americas trade show, which addresses commercial printers from the US and Latin America, it makes perfect sense to organize a conference where both aspects of using PDF for print production are covered. Each group can learn from the other.

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