PDF Security Up For Question In Ghana

Staying away from international political policy, PDF has recently been thrust into the courtroom as a key feature in recent political legal action in the Ghana.

There is an argument over whether or not the National Democratic Congress has forged electoral record sheets that are in a PDF format.

Mr Tsikata (the opposing council to the National Democratic Congress) says ‘pdf documents can be transferred into word, but it is a fact as far as technology is concerned that you can generate documents from a computer and change certain aspects of it’.

This is definitely true in some respects and false in others. It all depends on how the PDF was made. Further more, it can easily be checked if the PDF has been edited from an original with the use of restrictions, permissions, encryptions and so on.

Where the authenticity of documents comes into question is it important that those defending the claims understand what it is they are being accused of and if it is even possible to do it. In the world of politics, irrespective of where it is, this sort of accusations are not uncommon. Even more important for the future is ensuring the where electronic documents replace paper they are robust enough to stand the test of accusations like these, and be a better more secure replacement to paper.

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