PDF Postman MS Outlook add-in released

Encryptomatic has announced the release of PDF Postman, an add-in for Microsoft Office Outlook that uses PDF to add a layer of security to email and file attachments.

Since just about everyone has at least one PDF viewer, most people can receive encrypted PDF files without installing additional software or certificates. PDF Postman allows users of Outlook 2003 and later to secure and send secure PDF via a ‘one-click’ interface. After the sender composes an email, with or without attachments, he or she hits a ‘PDF Encrypt’ button, and the software converts the message and attachments into a PDF encrypted with a password chosen by the sender. The software can also save a standard password to save the user from entering it manually each time a message is sent to a given recipient.

‘PDF Postman is a tool for Outlook users that solves the issue of sending and receiving secure emails and files. The difference between PDF Postman and other methods of creating secure communication document is that PDF Postman is easy on the recipient by being cross-platform. It does not require the installation of special software, or forced registration with intermediaries to access the message,’ said Darren Leno, President of Encryptomatic LLC.

To find out more or trial the software, check out the PDF Postman webpage.

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