PDF/Mergician generates data-driven documents from PDF Forms

PDF/Mergician, based on PDF-generation technology from TallComponents BV, is a powerful new application (currently in beta) for generating data-driven documents from PDF Forms. It is a scalable solution suitable to create any variable data document in any setting, from small businesses to large corporations. The first commercially available release is scheduled for august 15.

PDF/Mergician’s comprehensive user interface that allows anyone with a basic knowledge of databases and PDF Forms to generate rich variable data documents. Applications range from basic from filling and mail-merge to generation of elaborate sets of reports on demand.

Document Generation

PDF/Mergician takes PDF Forms and fills them with data from databases or files. Pages are combined into documents that can be written to disk, sent via e-mail or served to a web client. The document generation process is captured in an intuitive tree model that can be saved as a project, which can be shared among users and even deployed to servers.


PDF/Mergician can generate any number of documents — which can be saved to disk, sent via e-mail or served to a Web client — with any number of pages from a single project. Each project can include data definitions that give access to data from any source. All major databases are accessible as well as popular file based data sources such as Excel, delimited text files (CSV).

It also supports access to XML files using XPath expressions. The data is inserted into forms using expressions that may include VB.NET code, allowing users to leverage the full power of the Microsoft .NET platform.

Deployment and Document Flow

PDF/Mergician can be deployed in three different ways: Use it as a desktop application, run it as a batch process or as a Web service. Each method is facilitated by an optimized front-end application, opening the way for a managed document generation workflow. A designer can concentrate on creating rich PDF/Forms, a developer can use the desktop application to prepare PDF/Mergician projects and document generation can occur unattended and on-demand on a server.

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