PDF Is A Platform

With the PDF Technical Conference in San Jose coming up shortly — 19th and 20th of October, book your tickets here — it’s worth taking a few minutes to review one of the major themes that will be discussed at the conference: PDF as a platform.

In a recent article on the PDF Association website titled PDF is a Platform the argument was made for that fact that PDF is already a platform:

Far beyond a document format, PDF offers a sophisticated foundation for many types of user applications.

Over the years many technologies have been touted as PDF killers, but none have made a dent, while PDFs popularity has only grown. The HTML5 and JavaScript combo is the latest contender but it appears to be little more than another vehicle for storing and viewing PDF files. As the PDF Association notes in the article:

Most government and education websites (and cloud repositories, come to think of it) are little more than repositories of PDF documents with some HTML on the front-end to assist with navigation. Banks and mortgage companies own servers brimming with PDF documents, from automatically-generated statements to mortgage documents. And are what are people so often sharing on the cloud? You guessed it: PDF files.

So why is PDF a platform? Well, the same reasons it has always been a platform: it is the most paper-like digital technology there is, it is ubiquitous and it offers a completely reliable experience in every environment.

PDF is used everywhere and its usage and the variety of ways it can be used is only going to increase.

If you want to learn more about the deep technical guts of PDF then get yourself to San Jose on the 19th and 20th of October, 2015. The PDF Technical Conference 2015 brings the top PDF experts together in San Jose for two days of sessions and panel discussions about PDF technology! Learn more!

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