PDF Forum for Print Production in Miami

XPLOR has announced that it will be running its inaugural PDF FORUM for Print Production in Florida’s Miami Beach Convention Center. Swiss expert Stephan Jaeggi, well known for his extensive knowledge of PDF prepress, will chair the PDF FORUM.

The show will be held from February 1 – 4 next year, with highlights including a keynote from Adobe Systems’ Gary Cosimini and session covering the impact of the new XPS (XML Paper Specification) format from Microsoft (AKA ‘Metro’) with the program manager from Microsoft and the CTO of Global Graphics.

Jaeggi has invited industry experts, advanced users and leading developers from the US and Europe to share their knowledge and experience about state of the art PDF applications and future developments. As has become traditional with such technical conferences, attendees will have the opportunity to participate at specialized tutorials before and after the main show.

More information can be found at the conference website.

Attendees of the PDF FORUM will also be able to join one of the other six XPLOR conferences in Miami Beach. One choice that might be particularly appropriate is the free JDF Day organized by CIP4 on Sunday, Feb. 5, 2006, as it will be a good supplement to the PDF FORUM. More information on all XPLOR+GOA2006 events can be found at

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