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Enfocus Software has announced plans to incorporate comprehensive Job Ticket and JDF support across its entire product line. At the
drupa 2004
conference (May 6-19) — the self-described ‘Olympic Games for the printing industries’ held in Duesseldorf, Germany every four years — Enfocus intends to show a technology preview of how job ticket support will be incorporated into all of its products.

‘This functionality will be incorporated into the Enfocus Certified PDF workflow, making job tickets an integral part of document receivers’ quality specifications,’ explains David van Driessche, Enfocus CEO. ‘The job ticket used can be easily customized by the document receiver and is easy to fill out by the document creator as part of the PDF creation process. The different Enfocus products will enable the extraction of the job ticket information in different formats, including standard JDF, for easy integration with back-end MIS systems.’

At DRUPA, Enfocus will demonstrate how job ticket support will be incorporated seamlessly into all of its products. Incorporated in the Certified PDF workflow concept, job tickets can be an integral part of the quality specifications a document receiver establishes.

According to Enfocus, highlights of how the actual implementation will work in practice include:

  • Job ticket support will be integrated into the print queue used by Instant PDF. That print queue will contain the job ticket definition used by a document receiver, just as it now contains settings like job options and preflight settings. The print queue can then be published on CertifiedPDF.net.
  • When a document creator subscribes to a print queue on CertifiedPDF.net, the job ticket definition is automatically downloaded.
  • During the PDF creation process the user is prompted to fill out the job ticket, according to the guidelines in the job ticket definition. The data entered by the document creator is stored inside the PDF file.
  • Enfocus Certified PDF technology ensures at any time of the life cycle of the PDF that the included job ticket data is compliant with the job ticket definition demanded by the document receiver. A file can only have a ‘green checkmark’ if both the content and the job ticket data comply with their specification.
  • As job ticket support is embraced by the Certified PDF technology, all edits of the job ticket stored in the PDF file are logged in the Certified PDF edit log.
  • The job ticket information is stored in the PDF as XML. The different Enfocus products will allow extracting the job ticket information in different formats, including standard JDF, for easy integration with back-end MIS systems.

‘JDF will be a major buzz-word at DRUPA 2004,’ says van Driessche. ‘The strategy we are following with regards to JDF is the same sensible strategy we have followed for PDF quality management all along. On the one hand our support for job ticketing and JDF allows PDF workflows to be extended to include the original document creators; something that was clearly missing to date. On the other hand our approach is also valuable and usable for people who aren’t yet using JDF and will not be using it for a while.’

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