PDF Expert 2.5 for signing the PDFs on iPad

Readdle, a developer of applications for iPod, iPhone and iPad, has announced a new version of PDF Expert 2.5 for iPad. PDF Expert allows users to read and annotate PDF documents, highlight text, write notes and draw. The update adds the ability to sign PDF-based agreements and contracts on the iPad. It also supports signature fields in PDF forms.

The new capabilities of PDF Expert 2.5 will prove beneficial to a range of industry sectors, including medical, insurance, manufacturing and real estate. In particular, sales teams in the field can use PDF Expert 2.5 to get agreements signed and transferred to their corporate offices.

PDF Expert 2.5 allows users to choose from ‘My Signature’ or ‘Customer Signature’ while signing the PDF documents. The ‘My Signature’ option enables sales staff to select their own signatures, which are saved within PDF Expert. Selecting ‘Customer Signature’ allows customers to sign the PDF document. For security reasons, this signature is never saved.

PDF Expert 2.5 also supports signature fields in PDF forms, making it very easy to sign the PDF forms-based electronic agreements. A simple tap by the user on the signature field reveals the option to choose between ‘My Signature’ or ‘Customer Signature’.

For more information on PDF Expert 2.5, please visit PDF Expert for iPad.

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