PDF Blog Talk: Bloggers come in all ages

Ted Padova recently highlighted what he termed the ‘youngest PDF’ user ever on his blog.

According to Padova’s blog, when four year old Sky Cubos was asked what he hopes to learn at the AUG meetings, Padova noted that Sky said he was ‘looking forward to seeing more integration of Adobe Flash and PDF and Flex-based Adobe AIR Applications.’

And speaking of Padova, his book, Adobe Acrobat 8.0 PDF Bible is a perfect Christmas gift for any PDF aficionado. Check out the book’s page on Amazon for more.

The updated PDF Bible features six new chapters covering: PDFMaker and MS Office, Combining and Packaging PDFs, Redacting PDFs, Enabling PDFs with Reader Extensions, Meetings with Acrobat Connect, and Printing to Desktop Color Printers.

In addition, the book features over 75 pages of Adobe Designer and includes an instructional CD-Rom as well.

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