PDF accessibility expert reviews the Australian Government’s review

Duff Johnson, CEO of Appligent Document Solutions and renowned expert in the PDF field on PDF accessibility recently pulled apart an in-depth report on PDF Accessibility produced by the Australian government entitled: ‘You Reap What You Sow’.

Johnson believes the report holds an element of assumption without any factual data on the difficulty of making PDF accessible. Something he believes that could influence other governments policy in a negative manner. He also relays that vital key factors are simply not taken into account.

The study itself in which the report is derived is conducted by the Australian Government Information Management AGIMO. It looks at feedback from an array of end-users, organisations and vendors about their use of and support for PDF technology. Authors analyse the performance of assistive technology software particularly PDF files.Trials are then conducted for end user satisfaction. Johnson however gives credit to the Australian Government for recognising the difficulties faced by assistive technology users.

Johnson’s review is available online in the Talking PDF section of the Appligent website.

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