Opening and Navigating a PDF Document

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The following is excerpted, published with the expressed permission of the author and publisher, from an introductory chapter of ‘Adobe Acrobat 6: Complete Course‘ book.

This segment teaches you how to open and navigate PDF files.

  1. Download cb_annualReportRaw.pdf [PDF: 1.1 MB]
  2. Click the Open tool in the Acrobat Toolbar Well.

    Navigate to the tutorial folder and open the cb_annualReportRaw.pdf file.

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Acrobat provides many means for page navigation and viewing. In this segment you learn to set a zoom level and scroll through pages with tools located in the Toolbar Well and in the Status Bar.

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  1. Click the Fit Page tool in the Acrobat Toolbar Well.

    When you create a PDF document, the file opens at a zoom level that fits the PDF opening page within the width of the Acrobat Document pane. The viewing area for the PDF pages is called the Document pane. If you want to view more of the page within the Document pane, you need to adjust the zoom level. You can do this by either clicking one of the page views in the Acrobat Toolbar Well or adjusting a zoom percentage by entering a zoom value in the field box in the Toolbar Well or Status Bar.

  2. Click the Next Page tool in the Status Bar.

    The Status Bar contains navigation tools that enable you to move around a PDF document open in the Document pane.

  3. Click the Next Page tool and again and repeat the step to move through all pages in the document.
  4. Click the First Page tool in the Status Bar. Acrobat returns you to the first page in the document.
  5. Click the Previous Page tool. Click the Next Page tool.

    Notice the last page you viewed in the file opens in the Document pane. The Previous Page tool and the Next Page tool take you to the last and next views in an open document or when a last or next view opens another file.

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