OneVision Speedflow – JDF further automates printing

TARGET=’_NEW’>OneVision recently introduced new versions
of Speedflow Suite and Speedflow Cockpit, its solutions for
commercial printing. The updates offer JDF integration and
help customers to further automate and network their
printing processes.

OneVision Speedflow Suite optimizes PDF
documents for reliable document exchange, imposition, and
output in print and media production. Speedflow Suite 2.1
comes loaded with technology and features that allow
customers to increase the efficiency of production processes
and minimize problems with PDF-based production in the area
of commercial and digital printing. Speedflow Cockpit
integrates OneVision’s JDFnet — an innovative sophisticated
solution for networked print and media production.

The new versions of Speedflow Check and
Speedflow Edit now support PDF 1.5 import, including JPEG
2000 decompression. PDF flattening has also been expanded to
PDF 1.5 file processing. With the previous release of
Speedflow Check and Speedflow Edit, native PDF processing
was handled by OneVision’s PDFengine. With Speedflow Suite
2.1, PDFengine has been enhanced to provide faster file
import and smaller files on output. Furthermore, automated
PDF processing has been extended: PDF/X-1a and PDF/X-3 files
can be checked and processed. PDF/X-1a:2003 as well as
PDF/X-3:2003 files can also be checked and processed in
accordance with the new ISO standards 15930-4 and

Speedflow Edit now includes an interaction
log providing information about performed operations for
production data acquisition. The interaction log can be
picked up by Speedflow Cockpit for job tracking and
monitoring. Further technological highlights of Speedflow
Check 2.1 and Speedflow Edit 2.1 focus on superior support
of ICC color management in PDF/X workflows, improved
compatibility of file names in heterogeneous networks, and
advanced workflow automation.

Speedflow Impose is the first imposition
software in the marketplace offering import of JDF-based as
well as PJFT-based imposition schemes. Templates from
third-party applications can easily be imported via
standardized JDF job tickets; JDF export has already been
supported since the last release of Speedflow Impose. To
widen the scope of application, PJTF-based template import
and export is now implemented in Speedflow Impose 2.1 as

OneVision’s Speedflow Cockpit is the first
JDF-enabled PDF workflow control and collaboration tool for
print and media production that manages all prepress
communication. Speedflow Cockpit 2.0 now deploys the power
of OneVision’s unique JDFnet — helping to carry a job from
genesis through completion. Via its built-in control module,
Speedflow Cockpit facilitates visual job monitoring and
tracking within a production workflow on numerous client
workstations. In addition, Speedflow Cockpit offers fully
automated JDF-enabled imposition.

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