Object TouchUps using Acrobat 7

An object you create in Acrobat, such as a link or a form field, can be selected with the appropriate tool, or with the Select Object tool, as described in Chapter 12. And by using the TouchUp Object tool, you can select content imported as part of the document, such as text, images, and multimedia objects.

The TouchUp Object tool , located on the TouchUp subtoolbar of the Advanced Editing toolbar, can be useful when you’re organizing content on a page. For example, if you have added extra text to a page and need to shuffle the location of the following paragraph, use the TouchUp Object tool to select the text and drag it to a new location (Figure 87a).

src=’http://www.planetpdf.com/images/1-Tip-DB_OT7.gif’ width=’400′ height=’112′
alt=’Touched up text’>

Figure 87a. You can add a new line of text on your document using the TouchUp Text tool and then shift adjoining objects to correctly space the content.

  • You can cut, copy, and paste objects.
  • Although you can’t select an object on one page and drag it to another page, you can cut an object from one page and paste it to another page.
  • You can select more than one type of object at the same time.
  • Hidden objects are revealed when the TouchUp Object tool is selected in the toolbar (Figure 87b).

src=’http://www.planetpdf.com/images/2-Tip-DB_OT7.gif’ width=’300′ height=’221′
alt=’Invisible objects can also be modified’>

Figure 87b. Not all objects are visible on a document. In this example, extra spaces and tabs added in the source document are actually separate objects in the PDF document.

  • Click and drag the tool over objects on the page to select all the objects within the marquee. Ctrl-click or Option-click an object to add it to the selection.
  • Click to select an object, and then right-click or Control-click to display the shortcut menu. Choose Select All, and Acrobat selects all the objects on the page.

For those who prefer to work with mouse and shortcut keys, click the first object with the TouchUp Object tool, and then press Ctrl+A or Command+A to select the page’s or document’s objects.

Why a Table Is a Table

Spreadsheet programs are designed using a structure called comma-separated values (CSV). Exporting the content from the table using the CSV process pastes the content from a cell location in the Acrobat table to the equivalent location in the spreadsheet.

What Else Does It Do?

Glad I asked. In addition to cut, copy, paste, and move options, you can use the TouchUp Object tool to do other types of editing in your document. Select an object or objects, and then from the shortcut menu, click:

  • Delete Clip to remove any objects that are clipping the selected object.
  • Create Artifact to remove the object from the reading order so it isn’t identified by the Read Out Loud feature or a screen reader program.
  • Edit Image to edit a bitmap in Photoshop, or Edit Object to edit a vector object in Illustrator. The commands change based on the object type.
  • TouchUp Properties to open the Properties dialog, where you can edit the object’s content, tag, and text information.

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