NVIDIA Gives a Turbo Boost to Adobe

California-based NVIDIA Corporation announced recently that the Adobe Acrobat 8 product family and Adobe Reader 8 now offer a new page display rendering mode which taps in the graphics processing unit to enhance the speed in the drawing and display of pages in PDF format.

Capitalizing on the recent performance improvements in the latest Adobe Acrobat 8 and Adobe Reader 8, Adobe aimed to speed and boost the display of 2D content in PDF documents.

Pam Deziel, director, platform product marketing for Adobe, said, ‘NVIDIA GeForce and NVIDIA Quadro GPUs let users do more with PDF files and faster.’

Deziel noted that ‘Panning, scrolling, zooming…virtually every major function in Adobe Reader 8 that takes advantage of the GPU will receive a tangible boost in performance.’

With NVIDIA’s power boost, users can also display finitely detailed zoomable maps with ease, Dezeil said.

The feature ‘2D GPU ACCELERATION’ enhances both the interactivity of page display and allows for dynamic zooming and panning of complex documents. This is particularly useful for electronic documents including: architectural blueprints, e-books, or catalogs.

John Vifian, content evangelist at NVIDIA said ‘GPU acceleration in Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat represents a significant step forward in an increasingly paperless world.’

In November, NVIDIA released its NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTX chip to boost computer screen display image capabilities and that also handles microprocessing functions in supercomputers and workstations.

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