NiXPS 1.5 brings XPS to the Mac

NiXPS has announced the availability of NiXPS 1.5, an application offering Mac users the ability to view XPS files. The application is currently available and includes a range of XPS editing and rendering capabilities.

NiXPS is designed to turn XPS into a fully interchangeable document format. Its editing capabilities enable the use of XPS in professional document workflows, offering the ability to add and extract pages or merge entire documents. NiXPS also features text editing capabilities such as search and replace and font replacement. Version 1.5 opens up XPS by adding viewing capabilities on the Mac and the ability to export XPS to PDF.

The technology upon which the NiXPS was built is also available as a C++ library, allowing software publishers to add native XPS viewing, editing and conversion to their applications.

‘As an open specification and being based on XML, we see a lot of potential in XPS both as a document format and a printing technology’, says Nick De Roeck, managing director of NiXPS. ‘Up until now the practical tools to truly enable XPS to be a success were missing. While we are still in the early days, we believe that with NiXPS 1.5 and our Library, we are delivering essential tools needed for growing adoption of XPS.’

For more information about the product or to download a trial version, check out the

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