New Coredge software enables PDF capture of e-mail

Coredge Software Inc. recently announced that its COR:Mail Plus, COR:Mail SA Plus and COR:DB Plus family of e-mail management software products now allows users to create a full PDF version of any Lotus Notes e-mail and save all of its content in the Hummingbird Enterprise? document management repositories.

‘This is an elegant solution for Hummingbird DM users searching for an effective way to maintain the best possible copies of their e-mail correspondence. Our new products preserve images, graphics and other contextual data that up to this point is lost or saved in text only renditions of e-mail records,’ said Gabriel Cassis, president and CEO of Coredge. ‘The Plus product remains as easy to install, understand and use as previous versions of the COR: product line. ‘COR: products are already installed in a variety of organizations and sectors around the globe. Customers include government, financial services organizations, legal firms, and major manufacturers.

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