NetCentric set to release PAW

Canada-based NetCentric next week will release an add-in wizard for MS Word that will enable users to create PDFs that are accessible to people with disabilities.

The PDF Accessibility Wizard for MS Word will be available at the company’s website starting October 5, 2009.

‘Our goal is to make accessibility rendering of PDFs as simple and as commonplaces as spellchecking a document,’ said NetCentric Technologies president Monir ElRayes. ‘With PAW, we are simplifying the functionality of our successful CommonLook software to take it to the author-level and tying it to the most popular desktop applications on the market.’

NetCentric is a leader in creating tools that address PDF accessibility and Section 508 markets addressing the author, quality assurance and compliance management layers. This latest offering extends the functionality to MS Office.

For a PDF document to be accessible, it must be readable using devices such as screen readers and PDAs, while providing consistent views for all devices. The program does not require users to have Adobe Acrobat to use PAW.

The add-in enables users to save documents in PDF format from within Word itself, and is supported on both Windows Vista and XP platforms. The program is also compatible with MS Word 2007.

No prior knowledge of accessibility is required and the wizard automates most tasks. The program enables quick mapping of MS Word styles to appropriate PDF tags and fixing complex tables.

The company also noted it expects to offer PAW compatibility soon for Excel and PowerPoint.

NetCentric Technologies will be demonstrating PAW and exhibiting at The Interagency Disability Educational Awareness Showcase in Washington, D.C. on October 5 and 6. More information can also be found available at

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