nCipher launches Acrobat-based digital signing system

nCipher has announced pdfProof, its turnkey solution that can be used to establish ‘a single point within in the enterprise to digitally sign and securely time stamp’ any PDF document directly from any desktop equipped with Adobe Acrobat 6.0.

pdfProof establishes a PDF document’s authenticity and securely binds it to the identity of its originator establishing an audit trail certifying the integrity of the document’s content at a securely measured point in time. According to nCipher, ‘With Adobe PDF firmly established as the global de facto standard for corporate document interchange and archiving, nCipher’s pdfProof document sealing solution cost-effectively enables the level of auditability often mandated in regulated industries and provides the evidential support needed by governmental legislation such as the US Government Paperwork Elimination Act.’

‘PDF is already widely accepted as a standard format for enabling more secure and reliable electronic document distribution,’ said John Landwehr, group manager for Security Solutions and Strategy at Adobe. ‘nCipher’s pdfProof builds on the inherent document security capabilities in PDF and delivers the next level of security for digital signatures coupled with a verifiable time stamp for the enterprise customer within a single networked appliance.’

nCipher says that pdfProof can seal up to 125 documents per second on behalf of a company, department or government agency.

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