National Cancer Institute treads Highwire for customized reporting

Corda Technologies has announced that its web page to PDF conversion tool has been used by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) to allow interested parties create customized versions of its biennial Cancer Trends Progress Report. Highwire can be used to quickly transform HTML Web pages into PDF documents. The product can also reformat documents during the conversion process, allowing for a more natural fit on the printed page.

Since the full report weighs in at a hefty 120 pages, the site allows visitors to choose which sections to include in their downloadable reports. Because it produces customized PDF reports on demand, the NCI does not need to develop individual Web pages for each request, which would be a mammoth task due to the many possible combinations.

‘The National Cancer Institute has a long history of implementing innovative processes that help elevate the education level about cancer by communicating the incidences and effects of this terrible disease,’ said Tom O’Dea, executive vice president of marketing for Corda Technologies. ‘We are pleased our product, Highwire, has been used in a way that can help inform and illuminate individuals on the progress we are making as a nation.’

More information can be found at the Corda website.

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