Monarch v8 converts PDFs into live data for dynamic analysis

Datawatch Corporation recently announced the immediately availability of Monarch Version 8 Standard and Professional editions, an analytics tool that allows PC users to easily extract, analyze and export data from any existing computer-generated report and other data sources without programming. Monarch Standard Edition uses reports as a source of data, while Monarch Professional Edition uses reports and adds the ability to import and combine data from other sources including databases, spreadsheets, ODBC data sources, HTML files, and now PDF files.

PDF files are very popular in many industries, including government, legal and financial services, as a means to create and distribute digital documents. Reports, statements, bills, financial filings and hundreds of other types of business documents are transformed every day into PDFs for delivery to users. However, PDF files were designed for passive viewing, not active analysis. With Monarch V8 Professional, all that data locked in PDF files becomes an important source of new business intelligence. Users now can easily exact the information in PDFs for analysis and for export to spreadsheets and databases.

‘Monarch has always been the desktop analytics tool of choice for users to unlock the vast amounts of critical data stuck in reports and other static business documents,’ said John Kitchen, senior vice president, Datawatch desktop and server applications. ‘Now with the explosion of information locked in PDFs, Monarch is indispensable. Monarch V8 Professional quickly converts PDFs into dynamic data that can be analyzed, filtered, sorted and exported in a variety of standard formats. We’ve also added other powerful enhancements to Monarch V8 without sacrificing any of its overall ease of use. Monarch continues to strike the best balance in the industry between BI features and common end user requirements — no programming or database expertise required — which is why it has been licensed by tens of thousands of organizations worldwide.’

Key new features and enhancements in Monarch v8 Professional

  • Mine Data From PDFs: Monarch V8 Professional mines data from PDFs created from almost any PDF producer, not just Acrobat. Acrobat software is not required
  • Capture Data More Easily: Monarch V8 Pro offers faster, more flexible importing of data from databases, spreadsheets, CSV files and more. It also allows users to change the data type of imported fields
  • Utilize High Encryption: Users can save passwords for PDF files or databases within a Monarch model, with high encryption

Key new features and enhancements in Monarch v8 Standard and Professional editions

  • View Report Tree: Monarch V8 creates a report navigation tree that allows users to automatically jump to any desired portion of a report. Users can highlight any report line and jump to the row in a Monarch table containing the data from that report row. When viewing summarized data, users can jump back to the corresponding detail data.
  • Shift Monarch Report Templates Left or Right: Sometimes existing reports are changed slightly, with data moving a few spaces to the left or right. Monarch V8 can adjust existing Monarch model templates, so there is no need to create new models to match altered reports.
  • Read Reports Up To 4000 Characters Wide: Previous versions could read reports and text files with lines up to 1000 characters wide. Monarch V8 quadruples that capability.
  • Generate An Audit Trail: Monarch V8 tracks changes made to a Monarch model, creating and updating an audit trail for easy viewing at any time.
  • Quickly create filters and sorts: Right click on any value in a Monarch V8 table, and Monarch will automatically create a sort or filter based on that value.
  • Work With Monarch Data Like Never Before: Monarch v8 offers more Calculated Field functions, including the ability to easily work with memo fields. User-edited fields allow users to add their own customized text comments, numeric values, and dates, etc.
  • Access Data In Multiple Footers: Previous versions allowed a single footer template. Monarch V8 allows users to create multiple footers to access data previously unreachable.
  • Combine Existing Filters: Existing Monarch filters can now be quickly joined together, making precise filters, based on multiple criteria, easier to define.

Requirements and Compatibility

Monarch V8 Standard and Professional Editions require Windows 98, ME, 2000, NT 4.0 w/SP6, XP or 2003. Upgrading is easy: both editions install in minutes and read model files created with earlier versions of Monarch.

Pricing and Availability

Monarch V8 Standard Edition’s MSRP is $659 for a single user and $1,945 for a network of four users. Monarch V8 Professional Edition’s MSRP is $799 for a single user and $2,365 for a network of four users. A single user upgrade from V7 Standard Edition to V8 Standard Edition is $189. A single user upgrade from V7 Standard Edition to V8 Pro Edition is $299. A single user upgrade from V7 Pro Edition to V8 Pro Edition is $199. Monarch is available through leading resellers and by calling Datawatch directly at 800-445-3311.

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