MicroType posts Acrobat 7 Pro Shortcuts Guide

The frequent use of shortcuts in software applications — typically triggered by special keystroke combinations — can lead to greater efficiency and at the same time, help combat repetitive stress ailments often resulting from prolonged mouse driving. Adobe Acrobat includes a wealth of such time-saving keystrokes, but they’re only useful if you learn what and where they are. Unless you have a great memory for such tidbits, it’s likely you’ve overlooked or forgotten many Acrobat shortcuts that could become blessings. To establish some healthy habits, however, a simple guide would be handy: A shortcut to the shortcuts.

Shlomo Perets of MicroType, who has created similar guides in the past for previous versions of Acrobat (and Adobe FrameMaker), recently posted a one-page PDF — Adobe Acrobat Professional 7 Shortcuts (Windows) [PDF: 160kb] — that provides a clean overview of shortcuts in several categories:

  • Selecting Tools
  • Editing
  • Display
  • In Navigation Pane
  • Files & Dialog Boxes
  • Navigation
  • Find & Search
  • Capturing Web Pages
  • Help

Shlomo Acrobat 7 Pro Shortcuts

Perets is also the author of the ‘PDF Best Practices Series‘ article series, and a well-known trainer, consultant, speaker and FrameMaker-to-PDF expert. The latest schedule of training classes is available from the MicroType Web site.

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