Megaptera Releases Ishmael 1.3

Megaptera has released the updated Ishmael 1.3, its utility program for adding narration to still photos or PDF files to create QuickTime video footage.

Ishmael 1.3 adds an export sets feature which enables users to store different sets of exported slide segments, including customized movie preferences for each.

With the new feature users can create multiple sets of footage without reopening the Export window each time as well.

In addition, Ishmael 1.3 features the use of CAF (Apple’s Core Audio Format) for saved recordings of up to 12 hours of recording time, and this release adds a Refresh Source function, to reload the source if it has been edited without reloading the document.

The company also improved the user interface and addressed some minor bug fixes.

The upgrade is free and can be downloaded from the company web site.

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