Mapping the redrawn NYC subways in PDF

With repair work finally finished, all four subway tracks on New York City’s Manhattan Bridge were being utilized yesterday for the first time in a couple decades. That meant route and scheduling changes for seven subway lines, potentially impacting the commutes for 600,000 daily riders, according to news reports.

The New York Daily News reports that New York City Transit ‘has been alerting riders for months with new maps in stations and subway trains, brochures, conductor announcements,’ as well as with service updates posted on the Web site of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA).

The MTA/NYCT site includes a PDF-based map of the entire New York City Subway System as well as separate, smaller route maps and schedules that have been revised recently as part of the major reconstruction project. According to the site, which also includes other transportation mode maps, schedules and related information in PDF:

‘The subway map is in a format that allows you to click on stations and find out information about the lines. The bus maps, because of their detail, are in PDF format, which allows you to adjust the magnification at the bottom of the screen. Because of the large amount of detail, all (except for the Staten Island Railway map) are too large to print.’

NYC Subway map

Among the most recently added documents is an updated map detailing the new subway service that went into effect Sunday offering, according to the MTA/NYTC site, ‘more service over the Manhattan Bridge than you’ve had in almost 20 years.’

According to The New York Times, subway ridership in the city has increased by a third since 1986, but existing routes and schedules were not in sync with existing commuting patterns and desires.

‘Planners analyzed ridership numbers, origin and destination patterns, demographic projections and computer models. An intriguing picture of how the city has evolved over the last 20 years emerged, and transit agency planners tried to redesign the system accordingly, while also taking into account budget and operational limitations.’

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