Managing Your PDF Books and eBooks

A good way to keep your electronic document at arms reach is to organise them using the Acrobat Bookshelf. From the File menu, choose ‘My Bookshelf.’ You’ll be presented with the My Bookshelf dialog.

Choose the ‘Add’ button and select PDF files from your local or network drives. (To select multiple files hold down the control key.)

After you’ve selected some files they’ll show up as thumbnails in your bookshelf.

The next step here is to create Categories to assign your documents to. Select the Categories dropdown and choose the entry at the bottom of the list: ‘Edit Categories’.

In the Bookshelf Categories dialog box you can create as many bookshelf categories as you like. A good practice to get into is to create sub-categories as well as categories, for example: Development and Java.

After you create your categories it’s a simple matter of assigning the categories to your books. To do this simply select a Book and then pick an item from the Category 1 dropdown, and then choose a sub category item from the Category 2 dropdown.

When you’ve assigned some categories to your books you can ‘filter’ the books by selecting a category from the dropdown list at the top of the dialog box. Once you’ve selected a category, the Bookshelf will only display books that match the category you’ve selected.

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