Make Acrobat dance with Debenu PDF Aerialist 11

For over 15 years Aerialist has been used by several different kinds of businesses in many different industries. Its main purpose, to make Acrobat an incredibly useful and powerful product. Aerialist continues to augment Acrobat and now adds even more functionality and enhancements.

‘Acrobat is an awesome product for sure, you can do many things with it. You can stamp, split, edit, do things with bookmarks and links – all that cool stuff,’ says Karl De Abrew, CEO, Debenu. ‘But what would take hours — or days with Acrobat, takes LITERALLY minutes or even seconds with Aerialist. As we like to say at Debenu – when we say ‘jump’ – Acrobat really does say ‘how high”.

Debenu PDF Aerialist 11 has incorporated the best features of Crackerjack like Imposition and booklet-making allowing paper based systems to interact with the electronic world – Auto Mail also a new feature in this version allows you to populate PDF forms with data from spreadsheets, database or text files. This function allows you to take individual names, numbers and addresses from a database and put it on envelopes, letterheads or invoices for mailings. This handy little tool works swiftly without having to do it manually. It’s great for business and a clever way to work.

Debenu PDF Aerialist 11 has been streamlined, enhanced and more jammed packed then with essential features such as TOC generation, Bookmarks, Audit Reports, Links and Stamps. It has huge capability and is still only $495 per license with major discounts on volume licensing packs. Debenu PDF Aerialist 11 is compatible with Acrobat 9 and 10 and available for Mac and Windows.

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