MacFixit posts fix for slow Acrobat 6, Reader 6 printing

Macintosh users who’ve experienced a slowdown in printing PDFs since upgrading to either Acrobat Pro 6.x or Adobe Reader 6.x may want to try a solution mentioned at the MacFixit Web site.

The site notes that the ‘6.0 release seems to have a problem with multi-page, multi-copy documents’ — that is, Acrobat and Reader will send each page individually rather than send a multi-page document to the printer once and request several copies, thus creating ‘an extremely long rendering and data transfer process.’

The suggested solution:

‘It now appears that deleting Adobe Reader 6.0 or Acrobat Professional 6.0 .plist files can resolve the issue. Specifically, in the case of Reader 6.0, these two files (located in ~/Library/Preferences) should be discarded:

  • com.adobe.Reader6.0.plist

  • com.adobe.Reader.plist

A MacFixit user states on the site that printing with Reader 6 returned to normal after deleting the Preferences file.

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