Locking Links in Acrobat

A nice new feature of Acrobat 6 is the ability to ‘lock’ in the settings for a particular link. Now this might not seem immediately useful, but when you have to duplicate links to lots of pages and don’t want the link boxes to be easily moved by other Acrobat authors — then this feature is for you.

Depending on the type of link created the Link Properties dialog may or may not show up, if it doesn’t display simply Right Click/Control Click (Win/Mac) on the created link and select ‘Properties’

Set your properties as you would normally and also select the checkbox at the bottom of the dialog box.

You will notice that when the properties for the link are ‘Locked’ the items in the dialog become disabled.

After you select OK, you will notice that the link can’t be moved or resized. Another benefit of this feature is that when you copy/paste links the copies are also locked.

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