Lizard Safeguard PDF Security updated

LockLizard has added a new licensing feature to its PDF DRM solution. Lizard Safeguard PDF Security enables LockLizard customers to easily identify the owner of a given license file, saving time and money.

‘This feature has already been put into use by one of our industrial machinery suppliers when moving to digital information distribution,’ noted Dr. Mathews, Chairman of LockLizard. ‘Since the license files now show the dealer’s names, they were easily generated, and collected and organized internally by the manufacturer.’

Previously, when a Publisher issued a license file to one of their customers, the license file simply identified itself as being a Lizard Safeguard license. With immediate effect, license files issued by all Publishers to their customers will be personalized with the recipients name. This also helps corporate IT departments who may have to implement licenses for different people in the organization as part of their own internal procedures. They can now readily match the license files they are provided with to the intended recipients.

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