LineType Releases LineScale v1.60

LineType Software, Inc. today announced the release of LineScale version 1.60. The new version is compatible with Adobe Acrobat and Reader 5.x and above. The Nashville, Tennessee-based software company develops electronic document tools for design professionals, and this plug-in fits into that niche nicely.

The LineScale plug-in works with both Acrobat and the free Reader, and allows users to measure the graphics in their PDF documents. The plug-in also incorporates powerful features such as point snapping to vector graphics, user-definable scales, metric/imperial unit conversions, distance and area measurement, and internet browser integration. These features make it a good fit for users needing to extract measurements from architectural, engineering, or graphic design documents.

‘The LineScale plug-in is the only third-party solution that allows measurement of PDF documents using the free Adobe Reader application,’ says John TeSelle, AIA, president of LineType Software, Inc. ‘Our users have found that it is an attractive and cost-effective solution to a basic need, and we are pleased to extend support for the new release of Acrobat and Reader.’

The upgrade is free to registered users of the plug-in, and is currently available from the LineType Software website.

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