Latest pdfFactory prints to paper and PDF in one step

FinePrint Software has announced new versions of pdfFactory and pdfFactory Pro that include a first-of-its-kind feature among PDF creation software products: a print button that enables pdfFactory to be used as the default print driver by allowing printing a document to paper, creating a PDF for electronic distribution, or both.

The company describes the products as ‘easy-to-use and inexpensive alternatives to Adobe Acrobat for creating Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files.’

‘As the PDF format becomes ubiquitous, electronic document creation is becoming as common as printing to paper,’ said Jonathan Weiner, president of FinePrint Software. ‘We are delighted to release a product that addresses the inconvenience of constantly switching between print drivers that has been required to create both paper and electronic documents. With pdfFactory, users can leave their printer drivers alone and concentrate on their work.’

pdfFactory is the standard version for creating pdf files, and pdfFactory Pro is for those who need secure PDFs (legal documents, corporate information, etc.) and other advanced features.

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