Las Vegas-area district court offers interactive PDF forms

As a follow-up on yesterday’s news-related post commenting on the recent hitch-and-ditch wedding of pop singer Britney Spears and a hometown friend in Las Vegas — a union that legally never took place, since it has been invalidated by the subsequent annulment — we feel compelled to point out that for others who might consider seriously swapping vows amidst the city’s casinos, the local Nevada district court provides a wealth of useful marriage-related information online. The downloadable resources include interactive marriage application forms in PDF — also for divorce and annulment — along with detailed instructions for each type.

The Web site for the Clark County Clerk of Court includes the following note:

‘Marriage license applications cannot be SUBMITTED over the Internet. Individuals may download the form, complete their information and BRING IT IN PERSON (applications cannot be processed by mail) to our office to apply for their marriage license. By doing so we will be able to provide you with faster service and help prevent errors. BOTH THE BRIDE AND GROOM must complete an application.’

marriage application form

The site includes a link to topical listing of Self-Help Forms that are available for download, part of the court’s comprehensive Family Court Forms Library.

Spears’ legal beagles may have succeeded in technically purging the apparently mistaken matrimony, making her single again and — in the eyes of the law — never married. But the court system’s electronic filing system may have a longer memory. An online search of the system turns up an ePaper trail of the weekend’s shenanigans, detailing the couple’s regression from husband and wife to defendant and plaintiff.

court records search

The County Recorder’s Office site even appears to offer an opportunity to order and purchase online a copy of the pair’s marriage certificate — if it gets filed.

Depends whether they have a category for joke weddings.

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