Keyboard navigation in Acrobat 7

Even the quickest precision mouse users can save time using keyboard shortcuts. The ability to navigate PDF documents using only a keyboard also has the added bonus of being crucial in mouse-free environments. In this tip, we’ll outline several navigational keystrokes.

  • Up arrow: Scrolls forwards.
  • Down arrow: Scrolls backwards.
  • Page Up: Jumps forwards the length of a screen.
  • Page Down: Jumps backwards the length of a screen.
  • Left arrow: Jumps to the next page.
  • Right arrow: Jumps to the previous page.
  • Home: Jumps to the start of the document.
  • End: Jumps to the end of the document.
  • Tab: Jumps to the next interactive element (e.g. hyperlink, form field, annotation).
  • Shift + Tab: Jumps to the previous interactive element.
  • Control + Shift + H: Toggles automatic scrolling.
  • ‘-‘ key (while automatically scrolling): Changes the direction of automatic scrolling.

src=’’ width=’400′ height=’221′
alt=’A hyperlink selected using the Tab key.’>

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