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If you’ve used any on-line collaboration tools such as Live Meeting, WebEx, Acrobat 8’s built-in Acrobat Connect (formerly known as Macromedia Breeze), or even the old WebDAV commenting system distributed with Acrobat 6 onwards, then you’ll probably be interested in checking out Rosebud.

Rosebud is a PDF and web-based Java solution that allows for genuine real-time collaboration. As distinct from Acrobat, there’s no waiting, at all.

Rosebud PLM, CEO, John Mohan gave me a demo of the software at the last AGI PDF Conference in Florida and I was pretty impressed. He suggests it’s a perfect tool to sit alongside Skype.

The Rosebud PLM website suggests that …

…users can collaborate:

  • concurrently or independently
  • without a browser
  • on any platform
  • using chat to dialog off-page with other reviewers
  • with multiple source documents
  • through multiple review cycles
  • virus and worm resistant
  • with round-trip versioning to MS Office
  • both inside or outside the enterprise firewall and on your proxy server
  • with secure SSL transmission
  • includes a session monitor that forwards Alert messages to your mobile

If you’re interested in finding out more – visit the Rosebud PLM website or email contact@rosebudplm.com.

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