Karl’s Corner: Dennis Quaid and Harrison Ford

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Have you ever noticed how much Dennis Quaid seems similar to Harrison Ford (new movie: Indiana Jones and the Ravages of Time coming out sometime 2008). At least to me, he seems like the sort of guy that Harrison Ford could have turned out to be if things had of been a little different. I’ve even found a few others that agree with me. Heck, in some cases, I even prefer him to Ford!

Years ago, I never would have thought this, but it’s amazing how everything that seems like it’s forever ends up morphing and evolving in the long term. Very much like Microsoft’s XPS and PDF. We’ve only just entered the stage where PDF is now really readily accessible — from lower-cost, quality converters through to high-end server-based PDF converters. Almost all are non-Adobe based.

Where do we go from here? (Hint: I don’t mean Indiana Jones 5.)

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