Karl’s Corner: A Sure Fire Way To Lose My Business

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Today I received yet another ‘nice slick’ Microsoft Word document sent to me by a company trying to sell their wares. Since I didn’t have the Canon LBP-800 printer that they’d authored their document for, it instantly repaginated when I opened it, ruining the precise page layout that they’d clearly spent a great deal of time poring over.

Yes-siree, certainly a sure fire way to lose my business. Yup, it reminded me of precisely why I was attracted to PDF in the first place — I know that if I produce a document as a PDF I can guarantee that no matter who I deliver it to, they’re going to get exactly what I sent them. Nice!

You can catch all of the reasoning beyond the creation of PDF in Dr. John Warnock’s Camelot paper which we host here at Planet PDF.

What first attracted you to PDF? Let us know in the Planet PDF Forum Talkback section.

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