JustSystems releases plugin for designing PDFs from XMetaL

JustSystems has announced the availability of XMetal TopLeaf Plugin, an add-on for the DITA Open Toolkit that allows users without expertise in XSLT, XSL:FO or Toolkit to create PDF output. The new product means that users working with the TopLeaf workstation application XMetaL Author Enterprise can more easily design and generate PDF content directly from XMetaL.

‘Styling DITA OT PDF output is something our customers have struggled with over the years. Many organizations simply don’t have the XSLT or XSL:FO expertise, or find working directly with the toolkit too complex,’ said Yoshio Yuki, General Manager for JustSystems. ‘By offering this product we feel that we are going to help our customers leverage their content even more efficiently and reduce output challenges.’

For more information, check out the official JustSystems website.

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